Perspective is relative…

Perspective is relative. The way we rationalize a situation to make it “alright” is based on our own reality. If our reality is skewed, our perception is skewed. If one operates from a place of manipulation, it is a form of weakness, control and fear. If one must manipulate, they are fearful. What are they fearful of? Maybe exposure. What does it create? A momentary distraction away from the REAL situation or issue.

“White lies” are FEAR based. The truth one chooses not to see, disclose or surrender to is FEAR based. However, TRUTH will ALWAYS unfold at the perfect time in our lives. It’s the way of the Universe. TFH.

2 responses to “Perspective is relative…”

  1. Most of the time a person does not recognize how they are trying to manipulate a situation or person. Think of the two year who wants to get their own way by throwing a temper tantrum then is rewarded for their behavior because the Mom gives in. Now the two year is grown and cannot throw temper tantrum’s because society will not accept that behavior so a person then moves to a more sophisticated behavior that is equally rewarded.

    Now the question becomes how do we make ourselves aware of our own behavior?

    1. Self awareness is the most challenging of all! When we self reflect and choose to walk a higher path, we begin to raise our own awareness of certain self sabotaging behavior. Shifting out of entitlement moves us in a path of self awareness.

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