When given an opportunity to love

We wonder if we are worthy of love or will love ever find us. We may punish ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made in our past relationships, and wish we had an opportunity to do it over again. God gives us opportunities each day to embrace love, show love and receive love. Passing a smile to someone walking by, or giving a compliment to another. Buying a cup of coffee for a co-worker or sharing a hug with someone. Listening to the birds singing at sunrise or a maybe watching a sunset at dusk. These are many opportunities to experience the exchange of love.  Or next time, share an “I love you” with someone you love.

2 responses to “When given an opportunity to love”

  1. Thank you for this post today. It is so true! I was in the grocery store today feeling melancholy and this lovely elderly gentleman was blocking the BBQ sauce with his cart and I stopped near him but for the breads. He so sweetly apologized for being in the way and I said with a big smile, “oh you are just fine don’t worry.” he responded by saying thatbwas the nicest thing anyone had said to him today and as he smiled back at me he added and yesterday. I replied it I was happy I was able to say it then.

  2. You are so very welcome. It’s wonderful to allow another the experience of joy from our simple graciousness or gratitude. The elderly gentleman probably smiled for some time from your exchange near the BBQ sauce. I bet on his next visit to the market, he’s hanging around the BBQ sauce. 😉

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