intention |inˈten ch ən|
1 a thing intended; an aim or plan
• the action or fact of intending

As I’ve been writing my book, my steps/chapters are Fear, Intention and Power. They all go in order….We must first recognize our fears. The exercises I have created help to discover and release fear of it’s restraint over us. Second, setting proper intention behind any action creates specific energy and power. Third, now that we’ve removed fear (through the exercises), acknowledged and set intention behind our desires (discovering our WHY), power is generated.

Life is about intention. When our intention conflicts with our desired results, we go in circles or find ourselves hitting dead ends.

Every time you make a decision to act or speak, be honest with yourself. Think about “why” you are doing what you are doing. Does it align with your desired result? Are you operating from an authentic, painful, or manipulative place. Each has it’s own energy which manifest different results.

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