Talk Feel Heal is a gateway to finding your center again. Often times we find ourselves off track or simply uncertain which direction to go.

Talk Feel Heal offers counseling within the privacy of your own home providing short term therapy and long term therapy through virtual web sessions or phone sessions. 

Focused on a “get real” program of “how’s that working for you”?  Combining Reality Therapy with Spiritual and emotional healing. You will find yourself operating with clarity and perspective to effectively make choices that were previously unclear.

What is Reality Therapy? Doing is placed at the heart of Reality Therapy.  Emotions are a wonderful, immediate and “alive” source of information about how we are doing and whether we are happy with what is going on in our lives. But it is very difficult to change our emotions directly.

It is easier to change our thinking: to decide, for example, that we will no longer consider ourselves as victims. Yet, decide within our thoughts to concentrate on what we can do rather than what we think everyone else ought to do. 

However, to practitioners of Reality Therapy changing what we do is the key to changing how we feel and to getting what we want. Indeed, we are sometimes so caught up in anger, depression or resentment that even changing how we think seems an impossible task – in such situations a positive change in what we do may be the best we can manage.


I don’t need LOVE. I am love!  Once one realizes they embody love….they will love freely without receiving and without expectation. 

Exchanging love is a gift to ourselves and between souls.  Once it is received by others without attachments it will naturally flow between bodies..between spirits!

yes, it is true…embody love and love will find you!

We need to work on ourselves before we can give freely to others.  It is our destiny to have our cup overflowing with abundance, love, happiness, joy and laughter.  It isn’t until then we truly feel our spirit begin to heal.

FORGIVE yourself and forgive others for mistakes of the past. This provides a great opportunity for growth in a relationship. More importantly, growth in the one who needs forgiveness.  Allowing ourselves to feel opens our pathway of forgiveness. In this space deep healing evolves.

Be GRATEFUL for all around you. Being grateful creates abundance and opportunity. 

BELIEVE in yourself. Believe in love. Believe in your dreams and desires.  Believe you are deserving, worthy and now receiving.

BREATHE deeply every moment you can.  It revitalizes your spirit and reminds you your alive!

To LOVE is to be humbled by a power greater than you. To FORGIVE is to embody what love is.  Being GRATEFUL allows us to open our heart and heal our soul.

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